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 Thanatos (Normal)

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PostSubject: Thanatos (Normal)   Thanatos     (Normal) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 6:25 am

During the outbreak, Greg formed a partnership with Peter Jenkins at Raccoon University with the offer of aiding him create a vaccine for the t-virus. T-Blood, blood from a creature infected with the t-virus, was offered by Greg to be obtained to create the anti-virus. Greg had it in mind to get the blood from Thanatos. However, Peter discovered that Greg was helping him create the vaccine purely due to a personal vendetta, and that Greg actually sought to use the cure as leverage against Umbrella. As such, Peter refused to continue researching with him, and thus T-Blood from Thanatos was rendered useless. Thanatos, however, would not remain dormant.

Thanatos     (Normal) Thanatos
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Thanatos (Normal)
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