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 Twitcher (Normal)

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PostSubject: Twitcher (Normal)   Twitcher (Normal) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:13 am

Twitchers are the result of the corpses of Marines stationed onboard the USM Valor equipped with stasis modules in their Body Armor who have been transformed. They are physically similar to Slashers, but as they were created from Marines and not civilians they are much tougher.

A disturbing side effect of the transformation is that the stasis modules the Marines were equipped with became fused with the resulting creature and the effect of the stasis module is strangely reversed, with terrifying results. Because of the stasis module merged into their body, Twitchers can react and move several times faster than any other Necromorph variant making them very hard to hit before they close in to melee range. It also causes them to have highly erratic and spastic movements and their features seem to blur as they move when seen close up as they move about and they have a distinctive jabbering noise when they get close.

Their name is derived from their constant twitching and spasmodic behaviour. Their design is similar to that of a Slasher, (however this is hard notice due to their speed.) Their heads, legs and bodies, retain a vaguely human form, albeit much chunkier and muscular than Slashers. They lack the small chest appendages of the Slashers, but their talons are much larger (the same size as those on a Pregnant in fact.) Their heads have a massive hollowed out indent on the top of the skull, and tiny tentacles fill the gap (creating a disturbing, yet rather comical likeness to hair.) They also seem to be missing both their eyes. As well as this, their faces seem to be almost static; they never change their facial expression from a hollow blank stare

Twitcher (Normal) Twitcher
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Twitcher (Normal)
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