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 Character Sheet Guidelines

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Character Sheet Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet Guidelines   Character Sheet Guidelines EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 7:25 pm

Character Creation 101:

The first step to character creation is filling the character sheet, which you can copy from below.

[color=yellow][b]Name of Character:[/b]

Name: This is where you come up with that inspiring name that will be told throughout the histories as a legend or be told in infamy.

Race: This is what your character is, simple as that.

Class: This is what your character does.

Alignment: This is how your character is "KNOWN." By this we mean that your character has a known persona and by this is how he/she normally would act, however unlike some roleplays that constrain you to act within the bounds of your alignment we allow the freedom for you to make your decisions how you see fit. This however will also allow changes in your alignment.

Appearance: This is where you get to be creative for the first time. You can include images and a thorough discription of hieght, weight and build along with any other things you wish to describe.

Abilities: This is where you tell people of your character specific abilities.

History/Bio: This is where your character comes to life. Be in depth as much as possible.
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Character Sheet Guidelines
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