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 Wheezer (Easy)

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PostSubject: Wheezer (Easy)   Wheezer (Easy) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:09 am

They resemble humans more than any of the other Necromorph species, except for their lungs, which are now many times the normal size of human lungs and located outside of their body, taking up most of their backs. They are constantly in a kneeling position because their arms and legs are fused together, and as a result are incapable of movement. A distinct strained breathing sound can be heard in the vicinity of a Wheezer, hence the name.

Wheezers are virtually harmless; while being close to them drains the player's oxygen, they lack any offensive capability and can be dispatched quickly. In fact, all of them (with the exception of one stuck in a nutrient vat storage chamber) can be killed with foot-stomps to conserve ammo. They are often alone, and the only true threat are multiple dangerous Necromorphs appearing after their death.

Wheezer (Easy) Wheezer
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Wheezer (Easy)
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