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 Pregnants (Easy)

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PostSubject: Pregnants (Easy)   Pregnants (Easy) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:18 am

Created from both male and female corpses Pregnants are named due to the enormous sac extruding from their abdomen. They also have two scythes for attacking enemies and they are in the usual Slasher position from where human arms used to be. Other than that it doesn't have much offensive capability but despite this they will try to move in to claw the player if they see him. What makes Pregnants dangerous is the spawn inside their belly : if you rupture the abdomen the amount of spawn thrown at you can quickly overwhelm you in seconds. Their weight hinders their speed so they aren't as fast as Slashers.

Pregnants (Easy) Concept_pregnant_download_052308
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Pregnants (Easy)
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