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 Protoss Void Ray

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PostSubject: Protoss Void Ray   Protoss Void Ray EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 2:38 pm

In use by 2502, the void ray is a Dark Templar protoss escort ship; the result of combining Nerazim and Khalai technologies. It is built around a prismatic core, which serves as a virtually eternal power source. The core derives its energy from both the Void and psionic matrix, forming a self-sustaining reaction. Normally the core is kept in check by an arrangement of flux field projectors. When the void ray has locked onto a target and deployed these projectors however, it can shoot searing beams of energy that grow exponentially more powerful over time. Even heavily armored structures and warships have been incinerated by the void ray, leading some terrans to believe that it will eventually replace the carrier as the flagship of the Great Fleet.

The beam is capable of engaging both land and air targets, and is powerful against heavily armored structures and units, such as terran battlecruisers, as there is a longer time required to destroy such targets, and therefore, a longer time for all of the void ray's three primary arms to align onto target and activate successively. When a void ray attacks a target, it continues to follow. The damage continues to increase as it follows the target. The beam attack is weak against low armored units such as terran marines, because the short amount of time required to kill a marine does not allow the void ray to take advantage of all three of its projector arms, and there is a notable cooldown between engaging different targets. The attack is very powerful against buildings, even anti-air defenses. Other players should deploy specialized anti-air units such as corruptors or Phoenixes to deal with them. The beam attack cannot be stopped by a mothership's Time Bomb ability.
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Protoss Void Ray
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