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PostSubject: Darkness.    Darkness.    EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 8:22 am

You are awaken by a woman inside of a small cabin. You are shivering from the cold that swallows your body. You can't feel your hands or feet from the numbing cold and you have a massive headache. You are covered in layers of wool quilts and are completely naked. The cabin is lit dimly by a small lantern hanging by a support beam near you. The cabin is clearly meant for just one or two people to sleep in and not much more than that. You are on the only bed in the cabin and you can see soaking wet clothes hanging from some rope that was tied off between two support beams on the other side of the room. Your bed is right next to a small makeshift fireplace with a fire lit. The woman who woke you looks like she is in her late twenties. Smooth pale skin, clearly human judging by the ears and dark brown eyes, short choppy brown hair, cute little button nose, wearing a heavy fur coat, pants, gloves, and boots. She has a long bow laying against the bed with a quiver full of arrows. The woman says to you "You need to be more careful stranger, it's dangerous out there this time of year, especially with a blizzard like this one." At that moment you notice the howling winds outside and can see the snow piling up on the window by the door.

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