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 What Was That!?

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PostSubject: What Was That!?   What Was That!? EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 7:59 am

You awaken in a cold sweat, you are in a single bedroom apartment and you can tell it is still dark outside. Your room has a single bed without the frame, T.V., dresser, wardrobe, and a lamp. No other furniture or items. You are wearing your usual everyday attire including your shoes. There is a window on one side of the room and a single door on the other that is wide open and leads into what looks like your living room/kitchen. You had awoken from a nightmare of people running in terror from something that was chasing them. Something you couldn't see from all the panic. There was no destruction of any kind that you could see or hear. No gunshots, explosions, or crashing sounds. Just people running. It is hard to remember your dream it seems to slip away as you try to remember. Then again as you try to recall any memories they seem to vanish as well. The reason why is a complete mystery to you.

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What Was That!?
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