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 Gigantes (Hard)

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PostSubject: Gigantes (Hard)   Gigantes (Hard) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 6:31 am

Gigantes are towering behemoths, formerly humans that were exposed to Las Plagas parasites, and through an unknown method, grew to an immense size, acquiring great strength and brutality to compensate for their loss of higher reasoning. They are often referred to as "Cave Trolls" by fans due to their resemblance to the Lord Of The Rings creature of the same name. These monsters have high stamina and will use their vast size and bulk to choke, crush, kick, charge and punch smaller prey. The only weak point on El Gigante is the accordingly overgrown Plaga attached to its spine. When the Plaga is destroyed, so is El Gigante. Once damaged enough, the Plaga will expose itself and El Gigante will fall to its knees, allowing the player to climb up onto it's back and use their Weapon to attack the writhing Plaga before the monster recovers. If the player is too slow during this action, they will be thrown from El Gigante's back and the player lose their chance to inflict harm on the monster. Repeating this method will eventually kill El Gigante.

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Gigantes (Hard)
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