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 The Prisoner

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You awaken in a cell by yourself and do not know where you are or what you've done to be here. In your cell there isn't enough room to turn or move in any way. All you could possibly do was stand with your back and shoulders against smooth cold metal and a cell door that was merely a row of bright red lasers that go from the top of the cell to the bottom.The vast majority of your past you can not remember but you do remember your name. You are wearing an orange jumpsuit, you can see that the man in the cell across from yours is dressed the same. You can hear nothing but the footsteps of men walking up and down the aisle between the cells. They are armed with assault rifles and riot gear, some even have shotguns. You notice as one of the guards pass by that he has an augmented arm, and another has augmented legs. As you look around you can see two other cells, of course there are many in this area including a second and third floor. In these two cells you can see more men dressed like you are, only these also had augmentations done on them. One had half his skull replaced by a very shiney metal and his eyes were covered by shades that were inplanted into his skull. The rest of his body is covered by the jump suit. The other man had his ears removed and holes going directly into his head. No doubt some sort of underground augmentation. Your wrists and ankles are connected together by some high tech device. This device looks like some sort of bracer that is electrically connected to the one on the opposite limb. These devices are extremely heavy and can automatically lock together at any moment. You soon hear a voice echo through the room. "Lights out!" directly afterwards the bright lights go out and everything goes dark except for the lasers of each prisoners cell and the red eyes of some of the guards augmented eyes as they patroled the room. There is absolutely no light source beyond the vibrant red lasers of each cell, just pitch black except in the general area of each cell however it is very difficult to see past the blinding light of your cell. The only sounds you can hear are the footsteps of the guards, your heart pounding, and your thoughts racing.

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The Prisoner
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