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 Myrn, road weary

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Name: Myrn

PostSubject: Myrn, road weary   Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:06 am

Name: Myrn
Race: Dhampir
Class: Fighter (Archetype: Unbreakable)
Alignment: Neutral Good (Desna)
Myrn's silver feathered hair kept approx. an inch in length, has deep blue eyes that appear almost black during the day but show their color best in low-light, he is close to average Human height (5'11"), sports a lean yet almost muscular build (180lb), and has a face deemed handsome, by human standards. Myrn wears full chainmail, but instead of helmet he uses a neck guard, most prominently displayed is his thick dark brown hooded traveling cloak worn over the armor, his single edged greatsword is strapped to his back over top of the cloak for ease of access, also as a warning to would be attackers, and hidden under the cloak are 2 star blades strapped to his belt on the left side.
Trained: All Simple/Martial Weapons, All Shields(Except Tower), and All Armor, Climb, Handle Animal, Survival, Swim.
Traits: Dayborn, Vampiric Empathy, Resist Level Drain, Tough as Nails, and Unflinching.
Feats: Endurance, Diehard, Quickdraw, Blood Drinker(Goblinoid), Blood Salvage.

A few months before birth Myrn's parents were attacked by a vampire, killing his father and forever tainting his blood. The local church heard of this event and cared for her and his older brother while she was recovering. The church attempted a ritual during birth in hopes of sealing the tainted blood coursing through his veins, and to save the life of his mother. But in the end they failed to keep her alive. Seeing his silver hair they feared something had gone wrong and cast both him and his older brother Byron out into the streets. Byron, feeling kinship to the only member of his family left alive, cared for and protected him until he was able to learn how to fend for himself. But as Myrn grew older more of his tainted blood started to manifest itself, with his ability to speak with certain animals, see in the dark, and unnatural strength. Seeing this the villagers feared for their safety forcing both him and his brother out once more. One evening as Byron and Myrn were gathering food in the nearby forests a small group of goblins attacked. In the ensuing fight Myrn began to smell the scent of the goblins blood, slowly losing control of his actions. When he finally realized what had happened the goblins had either died, drained of their blood, or fled in terror. Afraid of what had just happened he turned to Byron who only held his sword between himself and Myrn threatening to kill him if he got any closer. Myrn fled from his only home and picked up a life of travel from that day on helping those in need along the way, rarely staying long after the job is completed. Every night he looks towards the stars praying for luck in the days to come and wishing for his dreams of a new home to come true.

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PostSubject: Re: Myrn, road weary   Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:18 am

Looks awesome Love the indepthness makes me look like a child with a keyboard xD have fun man.
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Myrn, road weary
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