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Name: Yuri Hosnof

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PostSubject: Aftermath    Aftermath       EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:57 am

This is a journal entry-

"it all started when the Umbrell Corporation set up in Racoon city... at first they were unheard of but then they started popping up every time another person disappeared in town or a rabid dog attacked somebody. people tried to say that they were just like the S.T.A.R.S. members and were just interested in keeping the town safe and helping it advance... that was a complete lie." "soon enough there were rabid dogs roaming the
streets at night and people were told to stay inside and do not come
outside no matter what during the night... i remember when my next door
neighbor got jumped by one of them damned dogs in my own front lawn...
i managed to get him in my house safely but he was bitten many times...
in about 2 days he passed out in his house and you could hear the
screams of his wife in the middle of the night... of course we reported
it to the police and then the house got quarentined and burned to the
ground no one knew what really happened in there." "the hospital was filling up with more and more
victims of attacks from animals and like the rest of them they got
taken away someplace by the Umbrella soldiers... everyone knew that
something just was not right about this but everytime someone brung it
up they just disappeared too... S.T.A.R.S. members started
investigating this new Umbrella Corporation and they couldnt find
anything but they still kept tabs on them" "it had been just 1 month since Umbrella had
been in Racoon City and the population had already been reduced by a
few hundred people. a S.T.A.R.S. member by the name of Chris Redfield
was sent to a mansion just outside of the city where people keep saying
they hear screams from during the night and Chris brung a team of 4
members with him. soon as the chopper landed they were attacked by the
rabid dogs outside of the mansion and they lost 1 man but the rest got
in without trouble... appearently thats where the experiments were
going on and where the outbreak started... all the people there were
already dead and what was in the basement is still unknown... Chris was
the only one who got out alive." "soon after that all the S.T.A.R.S. members
started disappearing as well and then it happened... the infection was
all over the city and Umbrella couldn't hide their experiments any
longer so they tried to trap us here in this hell hole... but
helicopters were evacuating people from roof tops... i was not one of
the lucky rich bastards who paid their way onto these helicopters i was
left here in Racoon City to die... Umbrella blocked off all roads
leading to the city and had troops all along the outside of the city,
they were lettting people leave the city until and infected person came
up... she wasn't even turned yet they just guned her down and told
everyone to turn around and go home." "people started freaking out and they tried to
break through the barricades but Umbrella open fired on the innocent
people forcing them to run away... them f*** deserve to die for
causing this to happen... me and my wife were in our car heading home
that night when we came across someone limping in the road... we
stopped and asked for help but all the bastard did was moan and walk
over to my wifes door... she opened the door and the f*** yanked her
out of the car and started biting her... i ran around the car and
bashed his head in with a crow bar and watched as my own wife... bled
to death... that was the first zombie i encountered and the one i
regreted the most." "people were getting killed back and forth all
over the place, everywhere i looked someone was getting eaten by one of
them d*** zombies so i picked up a few survivors and went to the bar...
hell it didnt matter much... they all died anyway... a group of
survivors barricaded themselves in the bar and i was looking to join
them. none the less the bastards found a way in and a few of us were
able to get on the roof and jump down to the streets... they were
everywhere we had no where to go so we ran for the trolleys... our only
hope of getting out of this hell." "most of the trolley cars were wrecked but we
managed to find one that was working. we got on but there was one of
them dead f*** in it and he managed to bite one of the other 2
survivors and i had to put a bullet in her head... she was gonna die
anyway... the other survivor was in shock so i just got the trolley
cart to take us to the outskirts of Racoon city... i was horrified of
the sights i saw along the way.... cars piled on top of each other,
people burning alive, zombies eating children, the trolley crashed into
a barricade that Umbrella set up in the tunnels but the cart managed to
break through... sadly the crash ruined the trolley and i was launched
from the cart... i woke up hours later to see that the other survivor
was dead beside me... the zombies were heading my way... i am to blame
for this spreading to the world... me alone..." "i managed to escape and hitch-hiked to the
nearest town... the funny thing is no one else knew of what happened in
Racoon city... they would know sooner than i wished... i moved from
city to city trying to get as far away from Racoon city as possible but
no matter what i did it followed me even to the other side of the
continent... it has been 1 year since Racoon city and now its
everywhere, no where left to run and its ALL MY FAULT! i will punish my
self for what i did... least i won't be eaten or become one of them
things... i am sorry world... so sorry..."


-there is blood all over this page-
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Posts : 182
Experience : 2796
Reputation : 3
Join date : 2013-01-03
Age : 26

Name: Yuri Hosnof

Aftermath       Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment!   Aftermath       EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 9:12 am

This Adventure is meant to help players learn how to play. Of course this is after everything has gone to hell so it will be pretty much just survival. If you are a new player and want to take a crash course through a zombie survival theme then send me a PM and i will give you the details and create a thread for you to start playing on. feel free to come back and do it again and again if you wish. I will change the storyline and where you found this Journal entry every time. be preferred if you had at least one other player to join you on a rerun though. Anywho send me a PM if you are interested in seeing how long you can survive against a world of the undead! Also dont worry if you dont have a fullly developed character or anything because im gonna make you a normal human with a name of your choice and items that I give you based on where you are and where you came from.
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