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 Protoss Shuttle

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PostSubject: Protoss Shuttle   Protoss Shuttle EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:44 am

With skilled pilots at a premium, the protoss turned to robotic shuttles to ferry troops over rough terrain and into hostile territory. They are equipped with powerful thrusters, allowing them to carry even massive reavers within their hulls, but they are not armed with any defensive systems other than a basic plasma shield and a heavily armored hull.

After the Brood War, the protoss still use shuttles. However, they feature a sleeker, less curved design.

Shuttles are commonly used to transport reavers given the reavers' slow speed. One notable strategy is the "Reaver Drop", whereas a group of reavers and dragoons are transported by shuttle and attempt to land near an opponent's mineral and gas harvesting operation. The reavers quickly destroy workers while dragoons provide cover. Their transport abilites however, are not quite as useful as the terran dropship or the zerg overlord. This is known because the shuttle can only hold four protoss infantry units or two large-sized units. Probes only take one space. They're also not quite durable compared to its terran and zerg counterparts and can be easily damaged by any anti-air opponents though their speed makes up for it.

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Protoss Shuttle
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