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 Terran Dropship

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PostSubject: Terran Dropship   Terran Dropship EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:43 am

The APOD-33 is a heavily armored tactical transport equipped for both atmospheric and deep space flight. Early experiments to arm dropships (including ordnance packages for an air-to-ground role) were abandoned in favor of maximizing payload capacity. Dropships are also equipped with extraction fields and maglev lines in case the terrain is too difficult to land on. Mostly however, landings are carried out conventionally, the dropship's single aft ramp and twin plasma engines allowing easy deployment, the engines shift their angles to allow this. However, soldiers can also rappel down using ropes.

Despite these abilities, dropships are difficult to maneuver and are prone to mechanical failures.

Dropships aren't exactly the most comfortable transport craft, the interior's temperatures usually uncomfortably hot, even more so during re-entry. Cooling units are installed to offset this along with air scrubbers. Restraining bars are present for the transport of passengers and overhead racks for the transport of equipment and/or belongings. The dropship's power bus is also compatible with the CMC-300 combat suit. A user can 'jack in' to the power bus and view the dropship's surroundings via a sensor system, the image being transferred to the suit's HUD.

The Colonial Fleet was known for maintaining high standards for its dropship pilots, the PEB (Preferred Experience Base) requiring an applicant to possess a combat pilot certification and hot-zone certification before being allowed access to a dropship. Such pilots can operate alone, although a nav/comm. console is set behind the pilot's seat.
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Terran Dropship
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