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 Basic Rules

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Our forum RPG is for ages 14 and up so keep the cursing to an absolute minimum on public forums and as of for game-play its up to thread owner what is allowed to be said in game-play. Also ALWAYS be respectful to other players. keep Out of Character Posts (OOC) separate from In Character Posts (ICP) which would be your game play.

If you wish to join in on someones thread then you must PM the thread creator so that they may throw you into the story (even if the game has already begun) but you have to be up to date on the game and play the character accordingly to what the thread creator wants you to be.

You are only allowed to have 3 characters and may only use 1 character in an RPG at a time so you are allowed to play in 3 different RPGs at the same time, but be sure not to stretch yourself too thin or else the thread creator just might do something drastic to your character.... like kill them.

Character development is a three part operation. First, you fill out the character sheet for the genre of the RP forum you will be playing in. Next, submit the character sheet for review by the staff. This is to verify that all standards are met and that the character has not in anyway been godmodded, that is to say you haven't tried to over power your character. This way the staff can be sure that all characters have been created in a fair manner. Lastly, all players will start their first roleplay with their character with a member of the staff. That is so we can be sure you understand how the game mechanics work and so we can get you some starting equipment for your character and some money to purchase your own things.

If you decide to be a thread creator and run your own RPG you must have the story-line at least halfway planned out and have specific spots that need to be filled by other players BEFORE you start the RPG and other characters/players can be added accordingly. You have to be active in the thread and please don't just let your thread die because something came up, PM one of the admins or Mods and have them fill in for you til you get back. It is also your choice to keep the original players who joined and or bring in new players like if one of the original players have to quit for some time or their character dies.

Do not spam or post just to post, players who are suspected of this will be warned by a Moderator then if it happens again you will be banned Exclamation

Always obey the Admin. What the Admin says is final no matter what happened or happens. If you do not obey our Admins then you will be dealt with accordingly.

There are no real rules on how to create your character but you can always make one up with your crazy imagination or use other sources like DND, Pathfinder, or Modern D20. You can base your adventures off of a simple story you heard before or a book you read and you can edit it to give it your own personal awesomeness.

The dice rolls are just like rolling in Pathfinder. You can find your dice at the bottom of your screen when posting but you can only use the dice on the original post, we disabled dice rolls on edited posts to prevent cheating. You would use your dice if you are trying to avoid an attack or something that would cause harm to you like a reflex game in pathfinder rules. You can also use it for sneak attempts, fortitude saves against poison,alcohol,etc, against spells that would affect your character, or to attack someone. There are many things to use the dice for but pretty much if something could go bad with what your trying to do, roll the dice.

Enjoy your Adventuring!
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Basic Rules
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