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 Infectors (Easy)

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PostSubject: Infectors (Easy)   Infectors (Easy) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:27 am

The strange winged Infector acts as a vector for the disease, though it's not clear if it's the only one. Only attacking or defending itself when it cannot find any hosts to infect, its wings are formed by a flap of skin between the host's distorted arms and legs, with the head utterly unrecognizable, reduced to a strange proboscis. This weapon is the delivery mechanism used to infect potential hosts, which is done by enveloping the host in its wings and stabbing the proboscis into the corpse's skull to inject a yellow fluid stored in the creature's bladder. In any room with the remains of crew members, these are the beasts that should be taken down quickly before you get overrun with newly created necromorphs.

Infectors (Easy) Dsnawinfect
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Infectors (Easy)
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