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 Nyx (Extreme)

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PostSubject: Nyx (Extreme)   Nyx (Extreme) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 7:42 am

Nyx is one of Umbrella's most horrifying creations. It is a jelly-like organism that is capable of grabbing and incorporating victims into its body, killing them by infesting their bodies with the T-virus at a madly high infection rate. It's attacks include throwing pieces of its body, attacking with a massive arm almost entirely comprised of the aforementioned U.B.C.S. unit, and more conventional physical attacks.

Nyx's weaknesses are very few, but it can be destroyed either by barrages of high-calibre weapons, or if the absorbed Tyrant's demolition charges haven't been activated, Nyx can be destroyed by activating them. With the Tyrant's body so near its core, the blast nearly kills it and renders it extremely vulnerable. Another way of killing it is to use the nearby rocket launcher to fire at its core and finish it permanently.

The only true part of Nyx is its large "eye" on its body, which is its weak spot. If the bomb is already destroyed, and the rocket launcher used already, then the only attack left is to shoot (or hit) it until it kneels over, weakened. Attacking the eye will cause the creature to groan largely, withering its life away.

Nyx (Extreme) Nyx
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Nyx (Extreme)
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