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 G-Virus Cerebus Form (Extreme)

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G-Virus Cerebus Form (Extreme) Empty
PostSubject: G-Virus Cerebus Form (Extreme)   G-Virus Cerebus Form (Extreme) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 7:37 am

Involves the host mutating from a standing equilibrium as a bipedal to a hexapedal base on the ground involving the utilization of its four primary limbs to maintain movement. The skull and maxilla of the creature have elongated to accommodate its massive mandible, a gaping, circular cavity surrounded by rows of spike-like projections, which has now fused into the many spikes that formerly covered the thorax of the beast. Despite its appearance, however, this stage of G is extremely agile, able to sprint and leap all about a room with ease, and the aforementioned spikes around the mouth are more than capable of impaling its prey with extreme ease, given the superior agility and speed of the stage. However, in order to maintain its speed, it needs to constantly eat more.

G-Virus Cerebus Form (Extreme) Birkin_form_4
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G-Virus Cerebus Form (Extreme)
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