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 Bandersnatch (Normal)

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Bandersnatch (Normal) Empty
PostSubject: Bandersnatch (Normal)   Bandersnatch (Normal) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 7:32 am

The Bandersnatch was designed as a more cost-effective version of the Tyrant-class B.O.W. However, due to the flawed processes used in their creation and because of the cut in costs, parts of their anatomy tended to atrophy away within moments of their creation; the atrophied parts were often their left arms. To compensate for this damage, the T-Virus responded by allowing the creatures greater control of their right arms, which were increased in mass to become as thick and resilient as their torsos. The T-Virus also compensated by introducing the Bandersnatch's ability to stretch its arm far beyond normal limits, almost to five meters. As a result, their method of attack is to strike from a distance, and the Bandersnatch often pins its victims against a wall and crushes their skulls. Bandersnatches are a sickly yellow color, intertwined with disgustingly bloated veins and arteries. Their visages, on the other side, had been degraded to little more than melted patches of skin.

Bandersnatch (Normal) Bandersnatcher
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Bandersnatch (Normal)
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