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 Verdugo (Trivial)

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PostSubject: Verdugo (Trivial)   Verdugo (Trivial) EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 7:08 am

The Verdugos are first seen in their capacity as Ramon Salazar's guardians, their forms hidden under long cloaks, one black with red trim, the other red with black trim. Their faces, however, were clearly inhuman, having shimmering red eyes and large mandibles, and their hands having only two long, spindly fingers with one opposable thumb. if it discards its cloak then it will reveal a thin, insectoid body, covered in a black exoskeleton and having a long, segmented tail. it would occasionally attack by thrusting its tail through the floor or ceiling grate. Its power and speed are unreal and no normal human can take one in hand to hand combat
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Verdugo (Trivial)
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